I failed

Ugh I txt him I missed him. Why!!!!?? Lol. I wish there was an unsensational button. I should have respected his space and not bothered. I hate that I won’t receive that I miss and love you to text. Sadness

Good night sleep yay!

After tossing and turning alone in bed. I finally slept a full night and no sad dreams. Woke up refreshed. .. But I woke up wanting to text him ” good morning” but I can’t. I have to accept he has moved on

Gonna look good

So I went to gym tonight. Need to look good again. I gained too much during relationship. I’m hoping the toned body will help me find my rebound.


I need new heels to make me feel less alone and sad. Donate money plz


Ugh so recently my boyfriend broke up with me and it’s been a strange experience. It’s my first real love breakup. How is it possible to be content happy excited yet at same moment alone scared and depressed. I don’t have many peeps to talk with this about so I feel pouring my heart into cyberspace can help

Donation for Poor Jota

If you could donate 3 bucks a month to help me with my poor life. Would you?!?!

I need it now.

I need it now.